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Oil Recoveries

> Waste Oil and Redundant Fuels <

Parcels of redundant fuel and loads of waste oil will often carry a residual financial value. Actionsmart is ideally placed to secure the most cost effective outlet for your fuel or oil waste and (subject to quantity and quality) will often generate a rebate for its customers, rather than a charge.


> Industrial Services <

Actionsmart specialises in providing a range of industrial services which include:

> All aspects of site clearance (wet and dry, hazardous and non-hazardous waste)

> High pressure water jetting

> The cleaning of tanks of all shapes and sizes

> Removal of damaged, corroded or redundant tanks


> Interceptors <

Actionsmart provides a service for customers with interceptors that need periodic emptying and cleaning.


> Oil and Water Disposal <

With its roots in the waste oil market, Actionsmart is ideally placed to offer a collection and disposal/recycling options for all types of fuel/oil or oil contaminated wastes. Examples of waste types include:

> Soluble oil emulsions or coolant

> Tank bottoms

> Bund water

> Oil contaminated sludge or soil


> Drums and other packaged waste <

ActionSmart offers a bespoke workshop waste management service to collect and dispose of drums or other packages containing both hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


> Shipping <

Offering a direct service to ships operators and agents, Actionsmart has the equipment and experienced personnel for the removal and safe disposal of sludge and bilge waste from sea going vessels at most UK ports.

Jarron oil recovery


Actionsmart has its roots in the environmental sector and still enjoys long term relationships with many waste companies, and particularly those in the used fuel and solvents markets who need to move large quantities of liquid from customer sites or bulking stations to their treatment centres.

By working with waste treatment companies, Actionsmart also offers environmentally responsible recycling and disposal options in its own right.

Our commitment is to reducing environment impacts by maximising recycle and re-use opportunities, minimising pollution risks and avoiding direct routes to disposal.

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